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Above & Beyond

“Working full-time and pursuing a doctorate degree leaves little room to plan the perfect wedding. It was clear that I needed a wedding planner. It had to be someone that could help simplify the process, keep me on task and on budget. I needed someone that I could trust and connect with on a personal level and most importantly that person had to be able to help me manage my mother. After all, as an only child, it was her wedding too! I found all of that in Brian Green.”

“We instantly clicked. He understood my style and vision… and my mother adored him! He connected me with vendors that were the best in the business that helped make my vision a reality. His creativity and expertise was invaluable and I truly felt supported throughout the entire process. I was not stressed a bit. After the I do’s were exchanged and the last song was played the entire day far exceeded my imagination. I had such fun which is exactly the memory you want for your day. Trust me when I say that there is no need to look any further than By BrianGreen. Brian will deliver above and beyond your expectations and he will most definitely bring the FABULOUS!”

Absolute Best Planner

“Brian was the absolute best planner! For almost two thirds of the planning stage, I lived in a different state, but Brian was always flexible and willing to rearrange his schedule to help accommodate meeting with us. He was also very quick in his email and phone call responses.”

My Ugly Cry

“This is my ugly cry that took place when THE Brian Green brought me photos of the ceremony space preparation. See, I knew that I wanted him to be my planner before we even met. He is the magic behind my day being the definition of perfection. Ladies, after you choose your husband, and then your marriage counselor, find your wedding coordinator. That person will be your peace. Thank you @qdandrews for allowing me to be a #brianbride . Anyone you ask will tell you that it is a PRIVILEGE. by BrianGreen thank you for being my ‘Wedding Genie’. I am forever grateful.”

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